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Transportation services at HMT Engineering & Surveying in Central Texas

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HMT provides transportation engineering consulting services ranging from high-level planning and engineering to day-to-day operations. 

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• Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)
• Traffic Signal Warrants Analysis
• Community Transportation Plans
• Parking Strategic Planning (Master Plans)
• Municipal and University/Campus Master Plans
• Parking Operations and Program Assessment
• Shared Parking Analyses
• Curbside Planning


River Mill

HMT’s Transportation Department provided full transportation and parking planning and engineering services for the River Mill development, a transformative redevelopment like no other in New Braunfels. Through diligent and constant communication with the client team of architects, designers, and engineers, as well as with City and TxDOT staff, a large traffic impact analysis study (TIA) was completed and approved, as was a shared parking analysis for both the phased and full development. When completed, the development is projected to generate over 14,000 daily trips and will include the construction of 16 turn lanes and 2 new traffic signals, with shared parking demand distributed throughout the site’s nearly 2,000 parking spaces.

Baptist University of the Americas

HMT provided transportation planning and engineering services for the long-range campus master plan for the BUA. At over 55 acres, the master plan TIA included the analysis and reporting for additional university academic buildings for approximately 300 students, a soccer field, a 25,000 SF warehouse, and 100,000 SF of commercial retail space. Located along the IH-35 frontage road, the site required extensive coordination between the Client team, the City of San Antonio, and TxDOT to ensure mitigation requirements were met in a feasible and logical approach.

STX Frio

STX Frio cold storage warehouse development is located in the City of Schertz. Located along a TxDOT facility, with unique challenges based on adjacent properties and roadways, a robust traffic analysis was completed to receive TxDOT approval of the development’s traffic impact, mitigation on a TxDOT facility, and multiple driveway locations.

Additionally, based on the unique nature of the development, a parking analysis was completed to right-size the amount of parking to be required on site. As with many other municipalities and unique developments, parking requirements do not always “fit” what is proposed, and it was important to gather parking demand data from similar developments to analyze and present the real nature of the parking demand that would be associated with the development. A variance was approved by the city for a reduction in parking requirements by presenting a better reflection of what was being developed rather than trying to make a once-size-fits-all approach work.

Thor Thornhill, RPLS


Mr. Thornhill has a wide range of experience with land development. His career experience includes real estate appraisal, land development, property management, mergers and acquisitions of Class A office, big box industrial, large multi-family, Class A hotels, retail, and built-to-suites.


Stephen Hanz, P.E.


Mr. Hanz has enjoyed a career in civil engineering which has spanned continents in more than two decades. His project management experience has covered commercial and residential development, streets and drainage designs, as well as public works and wastewater.