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Where is Prince Solms?


Do you recognize Prince Solms, the founding father of New Braunfels?

To celebrate his 200th Birthday, Thor Thornhill dresses up and randomly appeared through the city to celebrate.

This picture is of Stephan, Wursfest Preseident, and Prince Solms (Thor Thornhill).

HMT's Tom Cunanan in Pinoy League


The Filipino Basketball League was established in San Antonio in 1991 by civil engineer Lyndon Duano because basketball is the Filipino’s favorite sport anywhere in the world, the game is what brings the Pinoy community together in San Antonio, Texas, through a league that plays two tournaments a year.

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Stephen Hanz: an Opa, a Star


HMT's Stephen Hanz is well known for his Opa status for Wurstfest, so much that his family was used in a recent commecrial for New Braunfels.

What does it take to be an Opa?

Well for one, you must have lived in New Braunfels for 15+ years, and Stephan grew up in New Braunfels (Go Unicorns!). Wurstfest Opas are dedicated to service within the New Braunfels community. Many are active members in faith-based and other humanitarian organizations and volunteer their time for the betterment our our city. Also, every Opa volunteers 25-30 hours of his own time to help the annual Wusrtfest event run smoothly.

Thor on Banner Controversy


Thor Thornhill of HMT Engineering and Surveying spoke out for Christain rights with the City of New Braunfels over the "Keep Christ in Christmas" Banner controversy.

See Thor speaking to the council here.