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Whistle blows, blaring alarm clock sounds, adding the final touches to a business class project, then suiting up for practice. Student-athletes live by a sharp routine. Learning discipline, time management, team work and diversity, as well as leadership, resiliency and persistence in addition to tough curriculum, is a challenge.

Celebrating the 100 fastest-growing Aggie-led businesses in the world, the Aggie 100 is an elite honor born of the distinguished Mays Business School's Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship (CNVE).

From the sprinting and sweat-inducing workouts to minimal sleep and fierce competition, several Aggie 100 Honorees have done the seemingly impossible by exemplifying how hard work translates to business success, inspiring entrepreneurs and athletes alike.

Among the 2016 class were quarterback Branndon Stewart '98, wide receiver Terrence Murphy '05, tight end Hunter Goodwin '96, yell leader John Magruder '04, track & field pole vaulter Thor Thornhill '04, and Corps Hall of Honor inductee and namesake of the Cox-McFerrin Center for Aggie Basketball, Jerry Cox '72.

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